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Our retention and suspension packs

Our plastic and cardboard packages will protect the most fragile or oddly-shaped of items, making sure they reach their destination in immaculate condition.

These packages are designed for all kinds of sensitive items, but are very popular with computer components or fine glassware. What’s more, because our packaging can be custom-made, they will exactly match the dimensions you require.

They’re easy to assemble too – you just pop in your item and post it off, with total peace of mind. And because they store flat, you can save on storage space.

Suspension packaging – medium protection

Ideal for light and flat products up to 4.0kg, retention packs mean up to 90% less packaging. Each package has an elastic film pouch that pulls tightly around any shape product, fixing it firmly to the inside walls.

Suspension packaging – high protection

Suspension packaging is ideal for fragile goods up to 35kg. Your product will be suspended between two cushions, as if ‘floating on air’. This will protect it, even if it’s dropped. What’s more, this packaging is fully reusable.

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